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Blackwater Dam 2003

Blackwater Dam is an 8 x 10 series made over several years that looks at a river valley near Webster, NH.The dam, built in the  1940's, backs up the water coming down from the north. As I discovered, the part of both shores of the river that I wanted to photograph had wonderful access, with trails and a dirt road on either side. For someone lugging around heavy equipment this was a real help.

The prints are on water color paper and about 24 x 20 inches.


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Blackwater falls 1103
Blackwater 2 1104
Blackwater 3 1104
Blakwater 1 1104
Down w mist fa 03
Pointing down raw
River w sun fa 03
River wwoods 91 wo
Scan 1 1
Scan 1 2
Scan 1 3
Scan 1 4
Scan 1 5
Scan 1 6
Snow in front
Snow water foreground
Swirling scnd 1217
Up priver fr bridge wtr 04
Blackerwater 1 24x30 1103