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There's No Place Like Home
In the classic film the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy recites this phrase over and over again while clicking her ruby red slippers: "There's no place like home, there's no place like home".
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Aerials in Louisiana
We fly out of Hammond, northwest of New Orleans. My pilot's name is Ashley, a flight instructor. She is 28 years old, 7 months pregnant and a good pilot. Contrary to what you might think, flight instructors are very often newer pilots rather than veterans. We cross Lake Ponchatrain, made famous as the back door monster that broke through the levees and flooded the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina almost ten years ago.
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Kudzu, the legendary fast-growing vine in the American South, the one that can grow a foot a day and cover your parked car if you're not careful, the one I love to photograph off season when it lies flat and tangled with no leaves, looking like a dark brown lace fell over the landscape.
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New Orleans 2
A friend asks, via email, if I am falling under the spell of New Orleans? Let me see if I can answer that.
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