Wheat , a series of pictures like none other for me, as I began it in 1993 and am still

Post Wheat 2014

wheat on the ground, wheat in the air, the other stuff I shot while out there

Wheat 2014

Wheat 2009 Wheat 2010 Wheat 2011 Wheat 2012 I missed last year as I was in Iceland

Wheat 5 Outtakes

Wheat series of posts hanging as I headed off to San Diego and began  writing

Wheat 2

wheat fields from the air. I'll conclude this series of posts in Wheat 6 with

Wheat 2019

Wheat 2019 Perhaps I can prevail upon you to take a look before we move


Wheat 2012 ), which was in late July: This is a time where the wheat is growing

Wheat 3

Wheat series we've looked at early days: years in the 90's and early

Wheat Again

wheat fields in the area of eastern Washington called the Palouse have been central to my oeuvre

Out in Wheat

wheat fields. Although I call this wheat fields much else is grown here besides wheat

Wheat 6

wheat aerials. Was I saving the best for last? You decide. I have written before

Wheat 2016 Finish

wheat fields in SE Washington in October/November 2016. In the last post about the aerial

Wheat Two 2019

wheat fields and that's exactly what I was getting at the end of each

What's That Called?

wheat work here by clicking  Wheat in the blog heading and you can see the actual

Hits 2012

Wheat", among others. In a sense, those are already published, printed and some will even

Oakesdale Cemetery

wheat, the next frame gives us just the grass, the wheat and the sky (with

Wheat Three 2019

Wheat pictures combine aerials with photographs made on the ground. Day 5 There are so many

Wheat Aerials 2014

Wheat 2014 on the site. Want to know more about photographing aerially? Go here: Luminous

Wheat Four 2019

wheat fields of the Palouse in Eastern Washington. I am pleased to report that the portfolio

Coming up for Air

Wheat 2014 Form Wheat 2014 Function I served on a panel discussion this past week

Portfolios Take 2

wheat fields in Washington and we were meeting to flush out the show coming up in April

Skate Park Take 2

wheat fields in Washington ( Wheat 2011 ). I have used form to make content, used shape

Since Then

wheat growing country in eastern Washington that I have been photographing since 1996. For an artist


Reserve flight out to Spokane from Boston: check Reserve rental car: check Reserve cottage in

The Printer

wheat fields of the Palouse, I ran into trouble right away. I could not get the yellow


wheat arriving from the midwest to the Great Lakes and down the waterway to Buffalo

Big Blog Response 2

wheat growing region in Washington that has been a place I have returned to most

Trees, Sand and Snow

wheat pictures made in July out west, the waist high and flowing wheat obscuring the ground

Shrink Wrapped 1

Wheat  is a project I started in 1996 and continues still, 21 years later

Photo Workshop

wheat field country of Washington in September. Most of my trips  to the Palouse

Waldo Found

wheat field country called The Palouse in Washington I wrote a post that challenged readers


wheat fields from the ground and from the air, I took it to Utah  and I shot

Shows Coming Up

Wheat pictures at the Danforth Museum  in Framingham, MA from April 6- May 26.  The show

Black and White And Color

wheat fields and landscape). Why? To emphasize the essentially black and white structures that are man made

Some New Work

Wheat in Washington. Hope you will read along. Should be good. Looking forward to the "same

Utah Day 2

wheat fields I have to choose what stage the crops are at, where they are in relationship

Printer Saga 2

will now work to reprint and finish printing the new Wheat portfolio, imagery made in June.


pushing it out to 400 and 500 mm in the Palouse shooting Wheat in Washington in late June. Stay tuned.

I Defy You

wheat. It is an extraordinary place. Locals will tell you there is little to do here


wheat field didn't come to my party but years later I saw it on her bulletin

Comments 1

Wheat, and aerial images really work because they are as much about form as they


Wheat pictures which will be in the Danforth Museum show in Framingham, MA which opens

Coming up

Wheat , showing  at the Danforth Museum of Art , Framingham MA April 6- May 26. As I've written

Blackwater Dam

wheat fields I photograph in Washington or the Dunes in Southern California. I have always

January 24

wheat field area in SE Washington called the Palouse. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the years

San Diego Ramble

Wheat picture posts to get out and I will finish those soon. I also have

Dunes 2013

wheat fields change due to the seasons the dunes change due to the winds. The area


Wheat" on demand book we'd made the year before. She and I talked for a bit and then

Best of 2014

wheat, near Pullman, WA. This from  the  air. August: in Boston, from my bike

Does Size Matter?

Wheat photographs. The camera format was 8 x 10 inches.) Here are mine. Let me weigh

The 8 x 10 Work

wheat fields in the Palouse in SE Washington with it and made so many exposures


wheat fields I photograph in Southeastern Washington. This above was from a trip to Africa

Going Back

wheat field country in SE Washington for twenty years. Okay. Hold it. Enough hyperbole here

Talbot Rantoul Story

wheat field pictures, in 1996. Philip is leaving PEM ( in late May) to be the photography


Wheat, near Pullman,WA (this image recently acquired by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA) Cabelas


wheat field picture which subsequently sold and made money for the PRC. Of course, he was right

Hits 2019

Wheat", among others (all recent series). In a sense, those are already published, printed and some

12 Days Out

Wheat work comes to mind). Working this way, printing in response to new work made


wheat fields, off by myself, I will keep the headphones on. I see two sides

Short Story Long 2

wheat in Washington, to shoot in northern California, in the dessert in Arizona, had several

About 2014

Wheat, WA -Monsters, MA -National Museum of Medicine and Health, MD -Tom's Neck, Martha

Was it Worth It?

wheat fields I flew from Spokane first to Salt Lake City on one of those

Short Stack

wheat fields in the Palouse. Short Stack is probably too few to call a real

Heads Up

Wheat  at 3 pm, Sunday, Mother's Day, May 12th.  For more information

Big Print

wheat earlier the year before. When I say large here I don't mean 5 x 4 feet

Here's the Deal

wheat fields I came across this: which is an upside down small headstone that says

Robert Pirsig 1927-2017

wheat, then packing it up and riding away with no pictures made, understanding the medium

Shrink Wrapped 2

wheat field work; driving driving driving, stopping, setting up, making one picture, tearing down and then

The Good and the Bad

Wheat book under my arm. This would not be a formal presentation, I wasn't trying

Quick Post

Wheat portfolio of imagery I shot in June. One question I've been getting

I miss

wheat, California for so many things including damage from wildfires, Utah for its incredible landscape